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Girls Classes Age 7 and Up​​​

Girls Level 1: (60 minutes)  Girls Ages 7 -10     

This class is for girls at the beginner level or for those taking gymnastics for the first time. Students will learn cartwheels and handstands as well as the basics of gymnastics on all 4 women's olympic events, including trampoline & tumble trak.    Tuition $242/ 8 week session

Girls Level 2: (75 minutes) Girls Ages 7 & up.    

This is our intermediate class for girls who have mastered cartwheels, handstands, bridge kick overs, pullovers  and back hip circles on bars. They will progress learning more difficult skills on all 4 events, including trampoline & tumble trak.  

Tuition $272/ 8 week session

Girls Level 3: (90 minutes) Girls Ages 8 and Up.     *Coach recommendation required. 

This is our advanced class and is for girls who are doing back handsprings on floor, cartwheels on beam, handsprings on vault and back hip circles on bars. They will continue to progress their skills on all 4 events including trampoline & tumble trak. 

           Tuition $285/ 8 week session

Tumbling: All Levels: (60 minutes) Boys and Girls Ages 7 & up.    

In this class, boys & girls will learn all stages of proper tumbling technique & will progress according to their individual ability level.

    *Perfect for Cheerleaders, Dancers and Boys who would like to Tumble.     Tuition $242/ 8 week session